Our Pricing

Prices include GST and are per day. Chargeable days include arrival day and departure day.

Price List
  • Cat$14.00 per day
  • Small Dog$29.00 per day
  • 2 Small dogs sharing a kennel*$52.00 per day
  • Medium Dog$31.00 per day
  • 2 Medium dogs sharing a kennel*$56.00 per day
  • Large Dogs$33.00 per day
  • 2 Large dogs sharing a kennel*$60.00 per day
  • Extra Large Dog$35.00 per day
Doggy Day Care
  • Casual$27.00 per day
  • 2nd daycare of the week (set days)$23.00 per day
  • 2 dogs, Casual*$40.00 per day
  • 2 dogs, 2nd daycare of the week (set days)*$35.00 per day
Additional Costs
  • MedicationsFrom $3.00 per day
  • Hydro bathFrom $20.00
  • Out of hours Reception Opening$60.00

* Dogs from the same family

There will be a surcharge of $7.00 per day per guest for Public Holidays.

We charge for the number of days our guests stay with us NOT the number of nights.

Please note Sunday hours are 4 - 5.30pm only.

Payment methods Eftpos, Credit Card (a surcharge will be charged on all Credit Card Transactions) and cash.

Prices are subject to change at any time without prior notice.

Your pet's welfare is our number one priority!