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Terms & Conditions

Dog Vaccinations

All dogs must be fully vaccinated with either a 3 in 1 or 5 in 1 vaccination. We require the Kennel Cough Vaccination to have at least 6 months left to run at time of check-in. These vaccinations must be administered at least 10 days prior to boarding. A certificate from your vet verifying all vaccinations are current, type of vaccination given, date given and next due date is required at time of check-in.

Cats Vaccinations

All cats must be fully vaccinated with a triple vaccination. A certificate from your vet verifying that the vaccination is current, type of vaccination given, date given and next due date is required at time of check-in.


Please LEAVE YOUR DOGS IN THE CAR ON ARRIVAL until we have checked your vaccination certificates.


Please make sure your dog or cat has been wormed within the last 3 weeks or no later than 2 days prior to boarding with a broad spectrum wormer.


Please ensure your dog or cat has been treated for and is free from fleas. If we need to treat your dog or cat for fleas we will also need to charge you for this.

3.Veterinary Care

Should any dog or cat require veterinary care all relative costs will be met by the pet owner.

4.Dogs in Season

Our aim is to provide an environment that is as stress-free as possible for all dogs staying with us. For this reason we ask that you let us know if your dogs are due to come into season (or were in season just prior to their stay). A surcharge may be charged if a dog comes into season during her stay with us and we weren’t advised.


We reserve the right to make suitable arrangements for any dog or cat left in our care if contact is not made by the owner or their agent by 14 days after the agreed collection date.


A fee for repair (or replacement if a repair is not possible) will be charged for any damage caused by a dog or cat.

7.Peak Holiday Periods

Clients will be charged for all days booked during peak holiday periods, including unused days and late cancellations.

We consider our facility and management practices to be of the highest standards, therefore the very best professional care and expertise will be given to your dog and cat whilst staying with us. However, we accept no responsibility for illness, injury, death or loss for any reason whatsoever.

Thank you for trusting us to care for your dogs and cats.

"Just a short note to say thank you so very much for the safe arrival of Bones the cat to Australia!
We are very appreciative of your wonderful care of her whilst she was in the cattery for 2 weeks and then the time and professional help you have shown in her export to Australia.
Your wisdom was much appreciated and she appeared at Rockhampton Airport in wonderful condition.
I will certainly be recommending your service to all. You have done a wonderful job."
Viv Arthur

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